Legal Induction Program

In 2019, society’s all members meet added a new project wing to our list of objectives. Legal Induction Program, is where students who are in their penultimate year of college education or are nearing passing-out, belonging to socially and economically challenged backgrounds, can approach us for field career guidance. It is inclined towards students who are willing to establish a career as a litigating advocate at judicial establishments in Allahabad; like High Court, District & Sessions Court, Tribunals etc. There is no mandatory qualifying factor, but upon simple screening the members shall decide allocation of student-candidates to member-advocates who shall then guide and assist the student as a chamber junior. We do not assure a monthly remuneration, but all efforts will be taken to provide for a basic stipend. At the moment we already have interns working with us in a similar setup and wish to expand the horizon by way of promoting the Litigation Induction Program.