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Legal Induction Program


(A Practical & Dedicated Approach to Litigation)


The present program aims at providing you a common platform to build upon and enhancing your skills in drafting, researching, court etiquettes, legal knowledge, etc before entering the world of Litigation. There are numerous programs available on the internet which assists you in enhancing your drafting and legal skills, however the present program is a step ahead from those programs and will not only assist you improving your drafting skills but will also give you an insight into nuances of litigation and will provide you a platform to interact with practising advocates of various High Court across the country, who would share their knowledge and experience in the field of Litigation and tell you how to conduct yourself in court and how to tackle complex issues and build upon your client base. The endeavour is to provide you with the basic knowledge of litigation before you start practising.

It is a known fact that when once you graduate from college and enter into profession, the real world is totally different from the bookish world that you have lived through your 5 years/ 3 years of college. You have to start from scrap and thereafter build your skills and apply your bookish knowledge to the real-world problems. Further lack of guidance is also a major factor due to which young lawyers take at least 5-6 years to develop their skills and start to get the essence of Litigation and develop an interest in the field.

What if you get the knowledge and assistance from an industry expert who would guide you through the nuances of litigation and share their experience in and off courts? What if you know even before stepping into the Court room, how to conduct yourself in court room or how to tackle complex situations that may arise during the course of hearing? What if you know how to deal with clients and to increase your client base?

Although Litigation is a field where experience matters more than anything, but experience can be gained by sharing experience of other who are actually practicing. Thus, the present program aims at giving you a real time experience into the field of Litigation by organising seminars with various legal professional, partners of law firms, industry experts, providing you with extensive study material, enhancing your drafting skills, providing your with real time case studies, testing your knowledge and giving you a practical approach to the field of Litigation.

The present program provides you with a complete glimpse of the legal field and guides you to select your specific area of interest and build your carrier in the said field.

Why this program?

This program is designed to assist the students pursuing law and those who have completed their law college and are willing to pursue litigation as their carrier option, in developing their basic understanding of Court procedures, etiquettes, drafting and researching. This program would help the students to get an overall understanding of the field of litigation and the challenges and rewards in the field of litigation.

Who can Apply?

This program is best suited for Law students, preferably 4th and 5th year Law Students in 5 year course and 2nd and 3rd Year Law Students in 3 year course and for freshers who have just graduated and are looking for opportunities.

Duration and Fee Structure of the course

The duration of the present course is 21 days. The cost of the course is Rs. 3000/- all inclusive. It is also pertinent to mention that the present course is being organised by Legal Aid and Social Development Educational Society, which is an NGO in association with M/s Lawbridge Partners, a Law Firm based in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. The fees received from this program shall be utilised in providing aid to the needy during this COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, the present course is aimed to benefit the society as a whole.

Important Dates

Last Date of Application: 03 June 2021
Course Start: 05 June 2021

Credit & Awards

After successful completion of the Course the participants shall receive a Certificate and few participants who excel in the tests organised by us shall be provided with an opportunity to work with M/s Lawbridge Partners.

Structure of the Course

How to Apply

In order to apply for the present course, you can email us at: Lawbridgepartners@gmail.com. After the payment the applicant need to send the payment details to the given email or can WhatsApp us the receipt of payment on the numbers given below.
Contact Info:
      +91-981 886 6992 (Devaang Savla, President LASD Educational Society) and
      +91-976 019 2098 (Tanmay Sadh, Vice President, LASD Educational Society)

Payment details

Account No: 50200030251381
Bank Name: HDFC Bank, Civil Lines, Prayagraj
IFSC Code: HDFC0009430
Account type: Current Account