LASD Educational Society (NGO) is a Non-Profit Organization which is involved in sectors of Legal Education, Legal Aid and Social Reforms, expressly focusing on students and people belonging to backward communities, who are resource deprived or suppressed. It is a development of professional legal enthusiasts who undertake to legally empower citizens of the State of Uttar Pradesh, contributing towards their social and moral responsibility.

LASDES was founded in the year 2017 by Devaang Savla in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh. Devaang Savla, had been teaching and helping needy students since his college days, but wanted to explore his capacity to reach masses. LASDES was established as a group effort of ten practicing lawyers who share the common zeal to open up the gates of study of law to those who cannot afford it. In their step towards this goal they have taken up the onus of providing the preparatory classes to the law school aspirants who cannot afford to pay the fees for such classes/tutors.

In furtherance to the society’s objective in the field of education, the members provide an opportunity to students (Law Aspirants) to pursue their dreams in the field of Law; where field practitioners provide coaching and guidance to economically backwards and financially challenged students, helping them achieve success in various law college entrance examinations conducted in India.

Although the aforementioned thought was responsible for the initial conceptualisation of LASDES; but with time the society hit barriers with problems, such as lack of information and awareness amongst parents and young students it aimed to cater. In an able approach to counter this, we ventured into adding Legal-Aid as one of our projects. It had its own challenges, the first and foremost being illiteracy amongst such sections that deprived them of the right to counsel and on how to manoeuvre the Legal system as a whole. Taking the first step for them poses much more challenges it does for a person from a privileged class as they are pushed around and delayed in the various rungs by people with many ulterior agendas. The machinery does not seem very interested in providing help to those who can’t prove to be strong allies or can’t apply force. LASDES provides free legal advice to anyone who seeks it coming from underprivileged backgrounds. The society also supports genuine litigants of weaker sections of the society, filing and fighting cases at bare minimum expenses.

Lastly, the society also believes that the privileged youngsters and law students, being the future of tomorrow should not only be successful advocates but also responsible contributors. To support this cause, the societies runs a Student-Internship program, where through practical projects the participant is put to self-question and analysis; instilling in them a sense of compassion; eventually exposing them to the truth of reality.

Our Mission

Create an educational space that is equitable and just. Develop an institute that can accommodate as many students as possible under its umbrella and provide free of cost tutoring and mentoring to those who wish to apply to law schools.

Our Vision

No lack of opportunity to aim for a career in law due to financial constraints; spreading legal awareness and motivating young citizens to believe and bring: A revolution through education!