The Indian Prime Minister announced a nation-wide lockdown on 24th March 2020 operative for 21 days which was extended until 3rd May 2020 to counter the pandemic caused due to the global spread of Covid-19 virus. During this period, millions of daily-wage earners and the vulnerable poverty struck citizens across India happened to come under tremendous stress to fight their daily living needs. Our society took the pledge to help as many people as we could in the city of Prayagraj. The generous contribution of our donors helped us feed over 1400 people a meal everyday from 15th April 2020 to 3rd May 2020. Further, we were able to provide a month’s ration to over 120 families in areas where main-stream organizations and government administration was unable to service. We wish to thank our donors and all volunteers who made this possible.

A message that was send by us to all our donors who contributed towards making the service possible:

Dear Donor,
On behalf of Legal Aid & Social Development Educational Society (LASDES) we thank you for your valuable contribution. Your donation will help us provide survival resources like food and daily house-hold necessities to the needy in the city of Prayagraj, who remain at the mercy of already over-stressed government-administration for support.
Hundreds remain in pitiable condition; hence, we will be targeting to feed over 1000 people every-day over 15 days & support over 100-120 families with enough ration to survive the lock-down period. We will be periodically updating our website (, Instagram ( and Facebook page (@lasdeducationalsociety), so please take out some time to appreciate our efforts- which you have contributed for.
Also, please find attached an electronic copy of your donation receipt. For book-keeping purposes, if any further information or document is required, you are more than welcome to contact us through our e-mail address or our phone number printed on the receipt.
Our society relies on the generosity of donors such as yourself and is grateful for your unstinting support. We cannot thank you enough for your help. Thank you once again!