First Publication

Society’s President’s second book co-authored with the Vice-President, titled, ’The Constitution of India: An In-depth Analysis’ was released on the Indian Republic Day, January 26th, 2019 by Hon’ble Justice Ashok Kumar (Judge, High Court, Allahabad). Hon’ble Justice Bharti Sapru (Sr. Judge, High Court, Allahabad) was happy to write the foreword to the book.

Preface to the book: Our inspiration to write this book were our students, without whom this book could have never been possible. The objective was always to compile a comprehensive material which not only is self-explanatory, but at the same time is a piece of coded research. This book is not only to support law pursuing university students, but it extends its scope to research. An exhaustive list of cases, article wise, has been compiled and adopted to support comparative and empirical analysis. Needless to mention, students visiting law schools can be ably guided and can gain in-depth understanding of the Constitution of India vide a simple reading of the material compiled and written. The book also contains suggested and sample question-answers on which law students can be tested, hence, forms a perfect guide book for aspirants wanting to ace constitutional understanding.

This book has been written with the aim to extend help to students in their self-study of the subject of Constitutional Law. The content has been systematically placed for the reader to be able to grasp the underlying concepts of the constitution article wise in a methodical fashion. Further, course topics are supplemented by examples and cases to provide an in-depth understanding of the concept, along with practical applicability of the same. This book also is a specimen compilation, being one of its kind that compiles article wise cases for research and reference purpose. Students, readers and researchers can update themselves with the latest ruling of the Supreme Court and its interpretation of the Constitution of India. This also reveals the juristic mindset and development of judicial interpretation by the Apex Court in relation to our supreme legislation, The Constitution of India. The text also compiles sample questions and suggested answers in order to assist students to prepare for their law examination in this concerned subject. Ultimately, the objective of this book is many fold, where readers from diverse fields can take help and advantage of this compilation, satisfying their need for constitutional legal literature.